pic of the week!!

pic of the week!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

UPDATES!!!!! ~ 6/17/16 - 6/18/19- 6/19/16- 6/20/16

Friday 17, 2016

On Friday me and my mother went to my grandmothers house for the weekend, and we went to the store and i got all of my favorite snacks!! and we took out the grill for the cookout on Saturday.  we made ribs, hot dogs , pork cops, polish boys, french fries , backed beans, cole slaw and i think that was it.

Saturday 18,2016 

We had the cook out it was a very small cook out, we invited my grandfather, my aunt and my grandmothers friend. and a monarch butter fly landed on my grandmothers bush but as soon as i got my phone it flew away :(, and we saw two bunnies in her yard. here are the pictures of the food from yesterday.      



Sunday 19, 2016 

      today is my grandmothers birthday, we washed our cars it was fun. we went home and watch the game, i cant believe we won!!!! 


Monday 20,2016 
Here is today's breakfast. i had instant oatmeal and a gf bagel omg i love those bagels. :)

Those are all of the updates for now :) 

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