pic of the week!!

pic of the week!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016


I Am sooooooooooooo sorry, life has gotten in the way along with school. i'll try to blog more (like on the weekends).

the book fair was 10/4/16
i always loved the book fair :)

Yesterday's errand day!
Some how I always get extra

~La vie est belle ~
(life is beautiful)

The rest of school shopping 😊. I had so much fun today !

Yesterday's errands, I'm so happy because I finally got the shoes I wanted and my old Hollywood books 😍. Today it took us 6 hours our errand days usually take up 8 hours.


Yesterday's mini muffin throw down for school lunches and breakfast

Tomorrow is the first day of school 😢 I'm so not ready


Yesterday's dinner was amazingggg

8/3/16  Today's shopping trip

8/5/16  Day 1 of back to school shopping and a part of#ohiotaxfreeweekend 
Most of the stuff is from ALDI USA, I'm Obsessed with my lunch boxes 💕.
Thanks mom for you and all your sacrificing

8/6/16 Day 2 of back to school shopping. It didn't go as planned but its still great. 

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