pic of the week!!

pic of the week!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

18 school essentials every girl must have in her locker:

Extra Underwear

Okay, I know this sounds weird, but accidents happen! What if you get your period unexpectedly and you bleed all over your underwear? Wearing those all day long is not comfortable. What if you get really sweaty in gym? What if your underwear rips? What if you forget underwear? I don't know! It's just a good idea to keep a clean pair in your locker so you can change if you need to.


It's always good to have snacks on hand, especially in school when you might not be able to have enough time to grab them. Keep snacks in your locker that won't go bad and have some sort of nutritional value so that they satisfy you. 

A Mobile Charger

I know that you're not supposed to use your cell phone in school, but come on... you all have them on you. Keep a portable charger in your locker so that you can charge it up if needed. Hey, you don't want to be stuck without a phone if you're staying late for after-school activities!

A Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is always super important. Keep a water bottle or tumbler in your locker for those moments when you just need to carry it around (most teachers should let you?). This tumbler from Kate Spade New York is the best. It's so adorable and smart.

Colgate Wisps

Few things are worse than walking around after lunch smelling like what you just ate every time you open your mouth. You can keep gum or mints in your locker, but I like Wisps, which are basically mini toothbrushes that will really freshen your breath.


Sometimes we're really busy in the morning and forget to put on deodorant. If it's in your locker, you can just apply in the school bathroom! This is also a great item to have if gym class is particularly hard, or it's a really hot day.

Locker Mirror

Do a quick look at yourself by your locker instead of in the bathroom to save some time. A locker mirror is such a great thing to have. I love this one because of the helpful pouch that can hold little items - it's also removable, which is even more convenient.

Mini Emergency Kit

This mini emergency kit is meant to be taken on-the-go, but who says it can't be in your locker for, well, emergencies? It includes 17 tiny helpful items, like adhesive bandages, safety pins, earring backs, nail polish remover, stain remover, clear elastics, lip balm, tampons, hair spray, clear nail polish, dental floss, mending kit, breath freshener, pain reliever, and double-sided tape. No matter what happens, you'll be covered

Thong Liners

Sometimes our period comes out of nowhere, leaving us feeling screwed. This is especially annoying if you're wearing a thong and don't use tampons - regular sized pads don't play well with thongs. And if you're "making" a pad with toilet paper, it definitely won't stay with a thong. Get thong liners! Keep them in your locker for emergencies.

An Umbrella

I hate being caught in the rain without an umbrella or a coat to protect me. Even though you won't be spending a lot of time outside since you're obviously in school, you'll have to walk to your bus or even worse, walk home. Keep an umbrella in there just in case. 

A Sweatshirt

It gets chilly in classrooms sometimes! A sweatshirt or a sweater is always good to have in case you're cold and can't borrow one from anyone else. Plus, this one is too cute not to keep around in public.

Extra Pens

You're obviously going to keep extra school supplies in your locker. Make sure that includes lots of pens and pencils, since those get lost SO easily and you absolutely need them. These girl power pens are the cutest.

Mini Manicure Kit

If you're all about keeping your nails ~on fleek~ then you need to have this mini manicure kit in your locker. Even if you don't care that much about your nails, you should have this. It's just nail files, a nail clipper, and a cuticle clipper, but breaking a nail can feel painful and really annoying, so this can solve that problem.

A Book

I personally can't go anywhere without an extra book because I get paranoid that I'm going to be bored and will need something to read (I cannot sit still). Having a book around to read in case you get stuck somewhere is always a good idea. If you haven't read Sarah Dessen's new book Saint Anything yet, get on that!


How tragic is it when your earbuds or headphones break or you forget them, and can't listen to music when you need to? Keeping an extra set of earbuds in your locker is ideal for these moments. Skullcandy's Bombshell earbuds are my absolute favorite. They're comfortable and are made specifically for women's ears. I have tiny ears and have trouble finding buds that fit, but these are perfect!  

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is like my secret weapon and I try to take it everywhere because I don't know where I would be without it. This is a great beauty product to have in your locker. Your hair might start to feel oily and greasy during the day - don't panic, just spray it with dry shampoo! This is great for getting rid of sweat and smelly stuff after gym or a sport, too.

Period Supplies

I already told you guys about the thong liners, but you should also have some basics in your locker, like tampons or pads. Do I really need to explain why?


Keep some over-the-counter pain meds in your locker, like Tylenol or Advil or something. Sure, you can get it from the nurse, but sometimes you're in a rush and just want to get rid of your headache as fast as possible.

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