pic of the week!!

pic of the week!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

~Fall Outfits Tumblr Inspired~ And Fall Hobbies

Fall Outfit #1

~skater skirt
~a little bow like tee

Fall Outfit #2

~a blueish sweater

Fall Outfit #3


~white converse
~tan beanie
~light blue jeans
~white sweater

Fall Outfit #4

~tan sweater
~black skater skirt
~thin watch

 Fall Hobbies 


Fall Check List 
- jump in the leaves
- collect little pinecones and string them on twine
- put flannel scarves on
- put more flannel scarves on
- make hot cocoa with little marshmallows that look like ghosts
- remember finals is in two months and cry yourself to sleep while eating candy corn 

My Personal Fall Favorite is: 
~collecting mugs 
~watching netflix 
~jumping in leaves 
~being in a fall spirit  
~ buying new cool looking sweaters 


Fall is for overly large sweaters, a comfy seat, a mug of something hot and good books.  

~buying starbucks 
~making fall treats 
~craving pumpkins 
~watching fall movies 
~sitting in front of a fireplace 
~pumpkin or sweet potato pie 
~taking walking and enjoying the fall 

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