pic of the week!!

pic of the week!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What The Contents Of Your Locker Says About You

1. Stickers on the Outside:
You want everyone to know this is YOUR locker. You have a personal style and you’re not afraid to show it off. You’re loud and proud and have bumper stickers on your car, too

2. A Photo Collage:
Your friends are very important to you. You’re fiercely loyal and always willing to lend lunch money to your friend who spent hers at the mall – as long as she lets you borrow that cute new skirt.

3. An Abundance of Pens and Pencils:

You care about being a good student, and you don’t like feeling like you don’t have what you need. You’re organized and always prepared. Classmates know who to come to when they forget a pen on the day of an exam.

4. Photos of Your Favorite Sports Team:

You’re a No. 1 fan! You have been caught more than once checking score updates on your phone under your desk. How can your team win if you’re not paying attention?!

5. Gym Clothes:

You’re a fitness fanatic. You’re always up for a run after school, or a quick dip in the pool in the morning. You don’t even mind using the showers in the locker room.

6. Food:

You’re always hungry. How can your teachers expect you to concentrate when you haven’t eaten since your bowl of Lucky Charms at 7 a.m.? And that cafeteria food really doesn’t cut it; you need snacks.

7. Celebrity Photographs:

You’re star crazy, and who can blame you? Taylor Swift is on fire. Hilary Duff is making a comeback. And Harry Styles is hot!

8. A Bouquet of Flowers:
You have a super sweet sweetheart. You’re probably that couple that has been together since 8th grade and still holds hands in the hallway. Just don’t let teachers catch you kissing in the back of the library.

9. Wallpaper and Matching Accessories:

You are ready to join a sorority in college. You use a Lilly Pulitzer planner and wear pearls. You can’t wait to have a Little to craft for. Everyone asks you for help decorating their own locker!

10. Books:

Congratulations, you’re doing it right! You’re working on getting those A’s so you can get into the college of your dreams and start the next amazing chapter of your life.

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