pic of the week!!

pic of the week!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Room Ideas

orange lights go with a fall environment

Candles : candles are the right thing to go with fall there soothing and they smell good

 Leaves: you at least have to have leaves in your room of a leaf canvas

Mason Jars: you can paint your mason jars any fall color of your choice, you can put your fall candle in the mason jar. you can even put your favorite candy in the jar!

Pumpkins: or course! you can paint your pumpkin, carve it do what ever you want. and you don't always have to have a big pumpkin you can have a baby one to put on your desk

Acorns: you can buy or Diy a bowl and put cute acorns in it. you can spray paint or paint  your little acorns

Vase: you can do alot with vases in the fall, you can put flowers in then you can paint them,put a pretty candle in them and etc.

I Hope You Enjoyed My Fall Room Ideas!

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